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Wollip Logdate: Friday, May 25, 2007:
It has been a while! In the wee hours of this morning, the boss decided to put us back to work! So we helped him promote "Woo!!! or Woe".
Here we Wollips are in the promotion for

Wollip Logdate: Tuesday, November 7, 2006:
Since the boss had an errand to run, he arranged for us to visit a hair salon somewhere in Ohio. This was the first time the Wollips had been to a place like this. The owner was not bold enough to be seen with us but we're glad she let us visit.

Here the Wollips are in the waiting area, scoping the place out before going further.
Hey! and OhNo!! decide to check out some funny looking chairs.
Shhh!!! checked out the other chair on the other side of the salon.
Shhh!!! was curious about all those bottles.

After the salon tour, the boss observed what is apparently one of his favorite things.

Mission accomplished at what shall remain a secret location, it was time to head home.
First little town encountered was LaRue, which is on SR 37.
Hey! and OhNo!! see a light come on and alerted the boss.
Shhh!!! noticed what humans know as a cemetery.
Shhh!!! seemed to be a bit curious about death. (Well, Shhh!!! is a pillow!)
Just a little further down on SR 37, Hey! sees some wildlife! As often is the case, the boss had to comment on it.
The ever-observant Hey! remembered something the boss wanted to do. How nice!
We got on SR 4 southbound and finally reached Marysville.
Hey! noticed another water tower and a very large building, which the boss explained.

We stopped for gasoline in Mechanicsburg and then we continued to our little town so the boss could go and vote. The boss got in line just in time before it reached outside the building. Good timing, boss.

Wollip Logdate: Thursday, October 26, 2006:
The boss gave us a facelift! The big changes: Hey! went from the sissy-pink graphic to a white graphic. OhNo!! has solid black eyes now and a bigger mouth. Shhh!!! stands out more with a white graphic instead of a black one.

Wollip Logdate: Wednesday, October 25, 2006:
The boss decided to take us out for a drive somewhere. Finally, a sunny day.
We came to an intersection, and our boss decided to go north toward Urbana, but with a sidetrip through Mutual.

The bulk of the scenery in this area is rolling hills and a lot of corn and soybean fields.
The boss just had to point out that some fields, like this one near Mutual, is ready for harvesting, though many are already harvested. We came across one that was being harvested along SR 29. As you can tell, the boss really liked that. (He believes that since people and animals need to eat, harvesting is a good thing.)

We made it to Urbana. Hey! noticed that the Chamber of Commerce welcomed us.
Our boss drove us around town.
Then Hey! and OhNo!! had a few words about something they saw.
Shhh!!! even got a verbal jab on Hey!
(The boss wants you to know that Urbana is proud of its statue. He is important to its heritage. Yes, he'll get your attention, at least because he is in the way.)

After a bit more driving around we headed home.
Hey! couldn't wait to ask the question all impatient travelers ask.
That was the end of our adventure for the day.

Wollip Logdate: Thursday, October 19, 2006:
Here we are just waking up late. (That was not our fault.)
A bit later, we are waiting for the boss to eat breakfast.

Later, we asked our boss at OSIS what our company does.
What he didn't tell you is he also takes us out on adventure tours and promotional tours.

More videos to come. We expect to post many from our Promotional Tour we are just starting! The videos of the promotional tour will feature the businesses we stop and make videos at. Many thanks to them for being bold enough to be seen with us! And "haha!" to the cowards.

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