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On-line Sales and Information Systems, Incorporated (OSIS), has been in business since 1988 and incorporated since 1997. OSIS was founded by self-styled pioneer entrepreneur Mark A. Skiba, life-long resident of Ohio.

Mark A. Skiba, President of OSIS Mark A. Skiba, President and Chairman
Quote: "Being a pioneer entrepreneur means creating totally new businesses, which requires taking business risks, creativity, dreaming, brainstorming, and often going it alone since few people want to be a pioneer. Pioneers do things and go places others haven't before---which entails risk. Pioneer entrepreneurs are the first to create a business from scratch, after which most other entrepreneurs follow."

OSIS has the following web sites:

"Woo!!! or Woe" at

Autolink 2008 at

Journal Sales at

The Wollips at

Siberworld and OSIS World at

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